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2008-05-29 Company News
HOLUX wins 2008 Taiwan Excellence Awards.

HOLUX wins 2008 Taiwan Excellence Awards.
PND GPSmil61, GPS logger M-241 and Tracker GR-510 are the Best GPS Products.

The Slimmest and Lightest PND GPSmile61

The modern technology, convenient operation, simple and highly accurate navigation of the GPSmile 61 provides you with a pleasant, trouble-free driving experience….

Built-in the newest-generation, high-performance receiving chipset, ensures uninterrupted reception and eliminates blind spots. Every time you turn it on, GPSmile 61 will give you a smile of satisfaction.

1. 4.3 inch Ultra Slim PND, deep 12~ 14.1 mm easy to put in your pocket.

2. Light weight is approximately 146g

3. Bright 4.3-inch TFT screen for superior readability

4. Special touch screen treatment, edge free to drag digital map smoothly.

5. Simplified user interface

6. Support > 4GB SD card and 3D Map.

7. Stylish ID design.

8. Removable battery design.

9. 32 parallel channels for fast acquisition

10. Built-in big speaker.

11. New cradle design, easy for installation.


GPS logger M-241Record your perfect life

The HOLUX M-241 wireless GPS logger provides real time coordinate logging and easy-to-use trip guiding service. The M-241 can record up to 130,000 positions, each position including longitude, latitude, time, and altitude. The log file can be downloaded for analysis via USB connection. You can combine these positions with your Digital camera photos to share the track histories and photo locations to mapping application software such as Google Earth.

Position information, moving speed, free logging volume and the date & time can be shown on the LCD display directly at any time. The M-241 supports distance and time logging modes, kilometer and mile distance units, and 3 languages (English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese).


Tracker GR-510Wherever you are, I always know!

GR-510 is a multi-function tracker that can be used as a tracking and positioning device apart from transmitting data to data servers. It is a mobile GPS tracker featuring stylish exterior looks, comprehensive functions designed for easy operation. On top of that, GR-510 also offers advantages such as high portability due to its small size and lightweight and impressive reception of satellite signals.

GR-510 tracker can be used for many different purposes such as personal security, vehicle management, accurate target tracking, emergency notification and so forth. It features the latest GPS chip to reduce power consumption and prolong usage hours for optimal performance. GR-510 uses ordinary rechargeable batteries for easy charging or battery replacement at all times; users will never have to worry about running out of power with GR-510.


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