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2008-06-25 Products
The lightest weight and thinnest PND- GPSmile61

The lightest weight and thinnest PND

HOLUX GPSmile61 has a big hit on the market


Do you know the thinner PND needs more sophisticated technology?

Yes! The fashion design GPSmile61 did it.

The Features of GPSmile61:

1.      4.3 inch Ultra Slim PND, deep 12~ 14.1 mm easy to put in your pocket.

2.      Light weight is approximately 146g

3.      Bright 4.3-inch TFT screen for superior readability

4.      Special touch screen treatment, edge free to drag digital map smoothly.

5.      Simplified user interface

6.      Support > 4GB SD card and 3D Map.

7.      Stylish ID design.

8.      Removable battery design.

9.      32 parallel channels for fast acquisition

10.   Built-in big speaker.

11.   New cradle design, easy for installation.

The modern technology, convenient operation, simple and highly accurate navigation of the GPSmile61 provides you with a pleasant, trouble-free driving experience…. Built-in the newest-generation, high-performance receiving chipset, ensures uninterrupted reception and eliminates blind spots. Every time you turn it on, GPSmile61 will give you a smile of satisfaction.

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