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2008-12-12 Products
GPSport 245- THE BEST PRODUCT for cycling, walking, running


Holux Technology, Inc., a professional consumer GPS (Global Positioning System) products provider has announced the launch of GPSport 245, a latest innovation in GPS product line aimed at giving outdoor people who like jogging, hiking, and biking a bike meter with integrated GPS data logger. 



In addition to displaying altitude, trip time, total distance, average speed, max speed, and calories consumed, the GPSport 245 enables users to see their tracks on Google map and Google earth with photos on correct locations. It is also easy for users to upload geotagged photos to Flickr, or other photo sharing web site.

The GPSport 245 measures altitude through GPS positioning technology which makes it easier for cyclists to match their altitude profile with their speed during and post workout analysis.


The Finder capability on the GPSport 245 allows outdoor people to enter their destined latitude and longitude coordinates or their starting point to make sure they are on the right track. Plus, the Track Log and electronic compass allow users to view their heading and footprints so that they will not lose their way.


With its powerful and easy to use interface, the bundled ezTour allows the user to upload a track file saved from the GPSport 245 and then use the track information to geotag flicker photos that are taken in the same time period as the track file. Outputting html information to build the photo albums based on Google maps or on a static map image is only in one painless click. Geotagging ones’ blog posts and sharing ones’ outdoor activities with others is never easier.




The GPSports 245 uses rechargeable li-ion battery that lasts 28 hours for non-backlight operation or 18 hours for backlight operation. A mini USB port is designed for PC connection and USB recharge purpose as well.




The GPSport 245 uses Mediatek’s high-sensitivity MT3318 to sustain reception in the most distressing conditions which can lock a satellite with hot start in 1 second, warm start in 33 seconds, and cold start in 36 seconds. Plus, there’s 4MB memory to store up to 200,000 waypoints.

Whether you need to know how long it’s taking, how fast you are riding/jogging, how high you’re climbing, or how much energy you have consumed, the GPSport 245 tells all. The 33.5 x 33.5 (mm) backlight LCD screen helps users navigate during the night too. As light as 72 gm (battery included), this sleek, waterproof and durable gadget can be easily installed to either the stem or handlebars of the bicycle, and is designed for easy removal after workout.


The GPSport 245 gives outdoor people the most effective and easiest tool they need to log their routes and share their information including courses, waypoints, workouts, and photos with each other. . The new product proves how GPS technology can enrich people’s lives and help them better enjoy their exercise and recreational activities.





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