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2008-12-19 Products
If not a GPS bike meter, what else can GPSport 245 be?

If not a GPS bike meter, what else can GPSport 245 be?


The GPSport 245 has made its debut in the first session of Taipei ITmonth exhibition in early December. The spotlight and recognition that GPSport 245 received throughout the event proves it to be the coolest gadget for sporty people to choose for their outdoor activities.


After intensive face-to-face interaction with its customers during the event, Holux affirms that the GPSport 245 is not only a bike meter with GPS logger to be acclaimed, what’s more, the virtue of a multi-functional device as it was initially designed has served many purposes for customers for different applications.

So, what can GPSport 245 do for you beyond the area of a bike meter?


Many users made it clear in the first place that they were not cyclists but go for other outdoor activities like hiking and jogging. They found the GPSport 245 fitting their needs and even more desirable than ordinary speedometers because it tells altitudes that the latter won’t do. In addition, the calorie calculator is a bonus for users who are particularly shape conscious. Whereas tour guides find the GPSport 245 a great helper for the Finder and the new Track Log assure tour members will not lose their way. Plus, professional tour guides share their tour activities with their tour groups or potential customers by outputting their track files together with their geo-tagged photos into html information.


Well, as there are some other customers whom we haven’t had chances to meet, there may be some other applications of GPSport 245 yet to be reported. As the shipment increases, however, we are sure more merits that GPSport 245 enriches people’s life will be passed from person to person by word of mouth.

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