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2009-01-20 Products
A convenient & economical GPS bluetooth data logger- M-1000C

The Holux M-1000C is a GPS Bluetooth Data Logger which consolidates a GPS receiver and a data logger with both Bluetooth and USB interfaces integrated.  The M-1000C sends the positional signals via Bluetooth to nearby devices and records time, date, speed, altitude and GPS coordinates to its large on-board memory. The mini USB connector supports to convert power from a car’s electrical system to run the device. Meanwhile, all recorded GPS information can be downloaded to the computer via USB connection.

Based on the MTK 3329 chip set which features superb high sensitivity, the M-1000C can track up to 66 satellites and provides a superior sensitivity up to -165dBm.

The M-1000C uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery can be recharged via the aforementioned mini-USB connector. Thanks to its low power design, the M-1000C supports a continuous use for up to 20 hours.


The M -1000C has three LED indicator lights, one red, one blue and one green for GPS navigation update, Bluetooth, and battery status indication respectively.
The bundled software called ezTour facilitates the configuration of the data logger and the later review of recorded histories by simply connecting the device to your PC or Notebook through the USB interface. Plus, the ezTour enables users to output their geo-tagged photos along with their track logs into html information and build their digital photo albums based on Google maps and Google Earth.


The Holux M -1000C is well suited to system integrations including PDA, Smart phone, Tablet PC and Notebook PC with Bluetooth devices. It satisfies a wide variety of applications that are purposes in automotive and outdoor recreation navigation systems.


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