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2009-10-26 Products
HOT! The Latest Wireless Data Logger- M-1200E

Holux Technology Inc. is launching its latest GPS device M-1200E. The M-1200E is a GPS data logger that records tracks, distance, speed and altitude. With the built-in 4MB memory space, it can store up to 200,000 points.


This ultra-compact data logger features one-touch POI (Point of Interest) button, high sensitivity of DGPS technology, and 5-color LED status display.


When used as a data logger, the M-1200E starts recording tracks when it is powered on. The POI button is centrally situated on the front side. Just one touch of this button and a POI will be marked in the tracks.


You can also use the M-1200E as a GPS receiver which sends the positional signals via Bluetooth to nearby devices. Whereas the USB connector converts power from a car’s electrical system to run the device, it too can be connected to your computer for downloading all recorded GPS information to your computer.


The 3 LED indicators on the front side lit 5 different colors indicating status for GPS positioning, battery, charging, POI and Bluetooth connection respectively.

This miniature logger measures only 68.5 × 22.8 × 15.5 (mm) and weighs only 32 gram, it can be easily tucked into your back pocket


The M-1200E uses Li-ion battery and is low power consumption. You can continuously use it for 13 hours without charging.


Like its predecessors, the M-1200E comes with free software called ezTour, which is a PC application that can display the tracks recorded and synchronize photos from a digital camera with the track. Plus, the ezTour application enables users to writes GPS coordinates into photos and upload them to photo


sharing websites, i.e. Flickr and Locr.  Exported tracks (*.gpx *.kml) can be uploaded to Google Map or viewed directly on Google Earth as well.

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