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Located in:
No. 1-1, Innovation Road 1,Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu Taiwan

Site Advantages/Description
Any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for GPS mass-production projects are highly welcomed to HOLUX Technology Inc. We enrich the lives of customers, by providing the very best customized products to specific needs that offer superior quality, safety at affordable prices.

Machinery/Equipment for R&D
Our R&D department is equipped with various advanced devices such as the spectrum analyzer.
HOLUX staff members and engineers have rich experience in GPS industry and we are willing and available to provide expert advice and practical solutions to satisfy all of your GPS requirements. Inquiries are welcomed by our staff members who are qualified to answer your questions and assist you in meeting your needs.

QC/Technical Support
All quality control is finished in the factory. Our specialized QC team is composed of experienced engineers and technicians who are highly qualified to perform QC inspections.

Procedures/testing Details
As the components arrive in the factory; our quality control procedure begins at once. All materials and components are inspected carefully during the production. Products are checked randomly and also before packaging.

HOLUX Technology holds a series of GSPACE GPS product lines and we are dedicated to provide the best services to our customers. With our firm commitment and quality products, we seek to provide innovative consumer solutions designed to enhance the function and experience of complimentary products with the GPS technology. We believe that success can only be achieved by providing quality at all levels of the business and by building strategic alliances and partnerships with the suppliers, re-sellers and customers.

HOLUX Technology is a market-driven, customer-oriented company and we will not be complacent unless 100% customer satisfaction is achieved. Commitment to excellence is our highest priority. We understand that our most valuable asset is the customer, and a satisfied customer is the most powerful marketing tool we can have in the business.
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