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  GR-83 GPS module is designed on the base of SiRF star II Architecture and is provided as a complete solution for GPS receiver for OEM products.Its positioning functionality and application meet the strict practical requirements and standards on car navigation, mapping, surveying and agriculture.

GR-83 utilizes initial data, such as last stored position, date, time and satellite orbital data, to achieve maximum acquisition performance. If significant inaccuracy exists in the initial data, or the orbital data is obsolete, it may take more time to achieve a navigation solution. The GR-83 Auto-locate feature is capable of automatically determining a navigation solution without intervention from the host system.

12 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition.
High speed signal acquisition using 1920 time/frequency search channels.
Built-in WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator.
Support U.S. Coast Guard DGPS beacon signal.
Low power consumption with Advanced Trickle-Power and Push-To-Fix mode.
Low power consumption with Advanced Trickle-Power and Push-To-Fix mode.
Optional Rechargeable battery for memory and RTC backup and for fast Time to First Fix(TTFF).
Support NMEA 0183 v2.2 data protocol and SiRF binary code.
Enhanced algorithms -SnapLock and SnapStart provide superior navigation performance in urban, canyon and foliage environments.
For Car Navigation、Marine Navigation、Fleet Management 、AVL and Location-Based Services、Auto Pilot、Personal Navigation or touring devices 、 Tracking devices/systems and Mapping devices application.

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