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Tracker 007 is a multi-functional tracker. Combining with GPRS and high performance GPS, the device can be used to track and report device’s position and status to mobile phone through SMS or Main Data Server (MDS) through HTTP. The operation modes include continuous tracking and position lock (park). SOS buttons can be used to send emergency call. All configurations can be set through SMS or USB interface. The wireless communication includes UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP and SMS. With MTK EPO, it can get shorter TTFF at distressed environment.


There are three position report operation modes in tracker: ezSpot, ezSpot server or both. In ezSpot mode, user can change settings in and request real-time position from tracker through mobile phone. For ezSpot server mode, tracker will report position to server through HTTP. For the third operation mode, tracker will report position to both ezSpot and ezSpot server.


There are 4 phone numbers that can be set. The Tracker 007 will respond position request if caller phone number is in the list.



l           Track and report device’s position and status to MDS

l           Can operate in continuous tracking, geofence and position lock

l           SOS buttons for sending emergency call

l           Wireless communication includes TCP/IP, HTTP and SMS

l           With MTK EPO, it can get fast TTFF at distressed environment

l           All configurations can be set through Wireless SMS or USB interface



From now on, Holux GPS Tracker 007 works with GpsGate server that provides real time tracking for vehicles and can be used for fleet management and other real time tracking purpose.

Here are some examples of business solutions running on GpsGate server with Visual Dispatch functionality. Of course, our Holux GPS Tracker 007 is your first choice!

1. Tracking for transportation companies
2. Tracking and dispatch for utility companies
3. Real time GPS tracking for car rental companies
4. Low cost police tracking
5. Tracking and dispatch for taxi companies
6. Asset and vehicle protection

Download the GpsGate server and give it a try today!

Installation guide for Holux Tracking Server (8min)

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