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The DFD-100 is a driver hypo-vigilance (HPV)/ fatigue detector that detects driver’s heart rate change to determine the driver’s HPV/ fatigue. The DFD-100 issues a warning whenever the driver’s vigilance level drops below the set-up limit.

The DFD-100 is based on the use of Wireless Sensor heart rate sensing technology and a patented HPV/fatigue detection algorithm. No electrode patches in direct contact with the skin are required. The device is fitted to the driver’s seat belt and the device is ready to start operating when the driver’s seat belt is fastened.

The DFD-100 is an auxiliary driving safety device. When it emits a warning beep, it means the driver’s vigilance level is low due to fatigue. Driver fatigue is as dangerous as drunk driving so when this happens; you should stop driving for your own safety.


  DFD-100 is an innovative product and is protected by multiple patents.

  Attach DFD-100 to seat belt to detect hypo-vigilance/ fatigue

  Easy to install and operate

  Long battery life (up to 8 hrs)

  Buzzer & LED to alert for drowsiness


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