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Ultra-wideband (UWB) Respiration/ Heart Rate/ Body Movements Monitoris based on [ultra-wideband non-contact physiological monitoring technology]. By non-contact detection technology to detect the body’s breathing and heartbeat is extremely convenient and minimizes potential hazards on the human body from long-term contacts.

The [ultra-wideband non-contact physiological monitoring technology] is designated for measuring physiological parameters, the device emits a low-powered pulse wave on the human body to detect signals from the frequency of movements or vibrations of human organs and thereby effectively measure physiological parameters accurately regardless of the positions of the subject. Also, the device is suitable for use on various daily life occasions for its small size, low power consumption and low cost.


  UWB Non-Contact Sensor

  SR-20 can monitor vital sign from patient remotely

  Monitoring breathing and heart rate


  Vital Sign Monitor

  Display breathing and heart rate signal

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